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Onsite Juice Bar in your Office

Boost Staff Moral

with an in office smoothie bar, New York NYC, Long Island, Connecticut or New Jersey.

Office Breakfast

We offer smoothie & açai bowls for hotter times of the year and oatmeal bowls in cooler weather months.
Did you know that the most popular office catered breakfasts in health focused offices are smoothies and açai smoothie bowls? We cater drop off packages and full onsite service with smoothies made to order.
The sound the blenders always excites coworkers.

Office Meetings

House of Juice office catering

Boardroom Bartenders

Want meetings with more imaginative and engaged team members? Forget bagels or vodka those put us all to sleep!
Instead consider energy boosting smoothies and cold pressed juices. Organic juices and superfood smoothies are a great source of nutrients and we’ve crafted no crash sweet yet sugar free recipes everyone enjoys drinking from the novice to advanced health buffs.

Office Parties

Still want the whiskey or vodka at your event? We’ve got you covered. From “Mocktails” and “Mocktinis” to mixologist crafted “Cocktails” using fresh pressed local produce we can bring a spirited bar to your event complete with cold pressed juice mixers, garnish, rustic to elegant glassware and professional mixologists, bartenders and servers.
We make craft beers and ciders as well and are happy to serve your guests right from the tap onsite.

Employee Appreciation

Staff appreciation events help boost moral and interpersonal relationships leading to greater trust and understanding of co-worker’s various professional expertise. In big city offices across America it is easy to not know who we are sitting with daily. Thankfully, office social events give employees the chance to stop and get to know each other. Why not do it with a menu offering that will boost energy and health consciousness?

Luxury Corporate Catering Options

Full Service Catering ⇢
Complete with trained professional staff at your location.

Stock Juice in Office

Reoccurring Juice Orders ⇢
Keep your fridge stocked and staff feeling well and thinking clearly. Delivered to your office based on a set schedule.

Drop Off Packages ⇢
Delivery only. For when your staff does the handling of setup and service.