Service Packages
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Service Packages


Carefully crafted elements come together into one amazing experience.

Service Packages

Full Service Catering

Full Bar Service, caterer provides full length service and remains onsite during full length of event. All supplies needed will be provided. Catering bartenders & servers will be present and in branded business uniform during the entire length of the event. No portion control restrictions which will allow guests to enjoy multiple servings throughout the event. Caterer is responsible for all clean up related to caterer’s equipment and any buffet area or bar setup area worked within. Menu and signage will be provided by House of Juice design team.

Pop Up Bar Service Only

Two (2) hour service max. Caterer provides service while portion control supplies last then leaves. All supplies needed will be provided. Catering bartenders will be present during the event to make drinks as guests order or replenishing the Juice Bar buffet area both are best for food safety. Host is responsible for all clean up not related to caterer’s equipment.

Buffet Setup

Requested menu of beverages items will be delivered and laid out as an elegant buffet setup. Host MUST see to it that the cold holding setup for drinks stays cold. Supplies will be provided for the display. Host is responsible for clean up and removal. Caterer does NOT remain on site during event. This is a made off site drop off option. Host is responsible for food safety and for all clean up.

*38 -41 degrees is safe holding temperature for 3 days max.

Self Service Bulk Delivery

Your order of the selected menu recipes will be bulk packaged and delivered to your location. A porter must be available to receive large packages as drivers do not leave vehicles unattended. No service-wares or holding setup included.

What's Included

Full Service

For as long as your event is taking place our juice mixologists will be onsite mixing, crafting and serving. We prepare enough juices for guests to enjoy mocktails and cocktails throughout the entire event. All menu items are made on site.

All setup, rental and supply needs will be provided. You only need to book us. We take care of the rest. After the event we’ll leave nothing behind. Our station will be cleaned, glassware removed from all areas; juice bar related trash will be disposed of.

Made On Site Bar

Perfect for fresh made and custom orders from guest.
For up to two hours we provide made on site smoothie or juice bar services. We are in and out quickly with a limited setup, and enough portions for your specified guest count. Our specialty eco-friendly glasses are your guests to keep and reuse.

Buffet Bar

Your choice of rustic or elegant theme.We setup a beautiful display for guests to indulge at their leisure with juice dispensers for self pouring or pre-poured glasses arranged for grabbing or sampling as desired. All menu items are prepared ahead of event. Perfect option for event venues that do not have a prep area or wish to not have the noise of smoothie blenders.
Most Popular for events taking place in yoga or meditation studios.

Do It Yourself

For event hosts who want to guests to serve themselves, supply they own glassware, complete their own setup or provide their own servers, etc.
We offer bulk and individual packaging of our juices, smoothies, beers, ciders and kombucha. Our personal flasks are great for guests to grab and go; while our jug bottles are great for family style self pouring. No serving-wares or display supplies provided just the bare essentials.

Guest Experience

Guests get to engage with our highly skilled juice mixologists. Frequenting the bar area guilt free for organic concoctions of healthy mocktails, superfood smoothies and locally brewed kombucha mocktinis and cocktail ciders.

A welcomed break from mundane tasks in the office. A conversation piece during a brand launch. The vibrants sounds of blenders running and glasses clanging invites a wave of excitement and curiosity in the midst of any event. Curiosity for something new, health and surprisingly tasty raises morale and gets conversations started. Guests engage each other and interact with with our expert staff.

House of Juice Bar BottleGuests have a healthy option to indulge in during your meeting presentation. With many considering dietary needs, chemical sodas are no longer the drinks of choice. Busy city dwellers and office workers want made from scratch 100% fruit or vegetable beverages naturally rich in vitamins and minerals. Guests love grabbing right out the office fridge for an afternoon boost or with breakfast.