Custom Made Bar
smoothie bar catering, juice bar catering, cocktail bar, event bar
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Custom Made Bar

Custom Smoothie Bar Mocktini Bar Custom Juice Bar

Office, Event Venue


2 - 8 Hours

Guest Count

60 - 400

Cocktail & Beer, Juice & Smoothie, Mocktail & Kombucha
About This Project

When Clients are seeking a much more individual experience for their guests our custom made bars always drum up the most conversations from curiosity. Guests explore various flavors and health benefits not by sharing the same set of our classic recipes but by building recipes that address their unique needs.

  • A juice with turmeric added for a guest with inflammation.
  • A smoothie with moringa seed added for a guest needing an energy boost.
  • A cocktail with green juice for the best of both worlds.

These are the kinds of build your own recipes guest are able to customize for themselves. These bars look and feel just as if guests walked into our very own bar.