Service Policy
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Service Policy

Note that quotes hold expiration dates as food market rates can not be guaranteed. Orders that remain unbooked are subject to market fluctuations. If your order is not booked with in 48 hours of invoicing either menu changes will be made or we’ll provide a new quote. House of Juice is committed to the use of seasonal, organic and local produce in it’s juices, mocktails, superfoods and kombuchas at all times. When certain produce items are not available, we follow the seasons**.

Quotes are generally valid for 14 days subject to change based on the amount of advance notice given before your event. To book select package option, sign quote and complete payment process. A calendar invite will be sent once transaction is confirmed. No prices are provided verbally or over the phone. All rates are provided via booking quotes, contract and invoices.

Once confirmed the purchase order, contract and invoice will be emailed within 24 hours. All invoices are to be paid online via provided link or from the quote instructions. Should you require other payment methods these are the secure payments we accept.

  • Direct Invoice payments can be made with a debit or credit card via the email sent with your purchase order or provided link.
  • Business Check Payments quotes must be confirmed one month prior to event date and payment delivered to House of Juice no later than 3 weeks before event date. Only Business or Bank Cashier’s Checks will be accepted. Checks should be made out to Juice and Jin, LLC. and delivered to: House of Juice, 642 Rogers Ave, Ground Floor, Brooklyn NY 11226 by Return Receipt mail or Signature Confirmation mail for signature requirement.
  • Direct Bank account payments, you may pay via PayPal link
  • Cash Payments will only be accepted in person for invoices under $500.

50% down-payment will be accepted to secure your booking up to 31 days before event. Deposits secure your event date and time. Invoices without deposits or not paid in full are subject to first paid first booked.
Balances must be paid 14 business days before event. Invoices not paid 14 business days before event are subject to:

  • expedited services fees
  • late payment fees
  • last minute menu changes without notice
  • possible cancelation.

Confirmed means invoices are not outstanding. Payment has been made in full or deposit has been made 14 days business days or more before event.

Cancellation Policy is Strict: 50% refund (excluding service fee) if canceled 14 or more business days from scheduled delivery. No refund otherwise.

Orders may be postponed if canceled 10 businesses days before event date for a new date and/or delivery address up to 30 days post the original event date without being subject to additional fees within 5 miles of original location. Delivery fees vary if distance of the new location is greater than 5 miles.

Orders needing to be postponed greater than 30 days less than 90 days post the original event date will be subject to a 30% fee within 5 miles of original location. Delivery fees vary if distance for new location is greater than 5 miles.

Orders needing to be postponed greater than 90 days less than 120 days post the original event date will be subject to a 50% fee within 5 miles of original location. Delivery fees vary if distance for new location is greater than 5 miles.

Private tastings are hosted by a senior team member for up to 2 guests.
For bookings that are confirmed, a complimentary tasting is included.
Bookings that are not confirmed incur a standard $125* tasting fee which is credited on the booking invoice.

If your client or you the host want to try the seasonal recipes without any commitment simply visit our tasting room during public hours Wednesday – Sunday 4pm to 10pm. A tasting room visit is not a private tasting. Visitors order from the menu and pay as they go. Please note the tasting room only serves a limited menu based on the season. Catered events have a much wider range of menu selections.

For hosts/clients requiring a site visit or venue walkthrough:
If your booking is confirmed a senior team member will schedule a date with you for the site visit no less than 7 days before the event. If your booking is not confirmed a standard $125* deposit fee is required to secure a site visit. Additional out of state fees may apply. The funds will be credited toward your booking and reflected on the invoice.

House of Juice is committed to being fully eco-friendly. House of Juice uses reusable glass jars for on-site events. Only wrapped straws are used to ensure and guarantee sanitary food contact surfaces. If your event requires china & silverware we provide for all full service, pop up bars and buffet bars. If you require disposable wares for a self service package, it is up to you to supply.

  • We may use your own branded cups only with strong consideration for public safety by having the cups/glasses sent to House of Juice for sanitizing. White label fees apply and must be requested during initial inquiry.
  • You may deliver the cups to our location no less than 7 days in advance of the event to ensure our staff has time to sanitize the cups and pack safely for delivery.
  • Deliver to: House of Juice, 642 Rogers Ave, Ground Floor, Brooklyn NY 11226 by Return Receipt mail or Signature Confirmation mail for signature requirement.

Business or Event logo brands on glassware is a service we provide. White label fees apply and must be requested during initial inquiry. Fees for branded services are quoted at the production fee rate at time of inquiry and is subject to rush fees if not booked within 7 days of quote date. For an accurate quote provide artwork at time of request.

Requests for Certificates of Insurance need to be made at time of quote request before booking completion.

The spirit brands for Beer, Cider, Wine & Cocktails served on our pop up bar menus are exclusively local craft brewed and distilled spirits.

  • Spirit and Wine selections are made from local wineries and distilleries in New York State.
  • Beer, Cider and Kombucha are sourced from our brewery Island to Island Brewery and only other New York State labeled breweries and cideries.
  • All spirits part of a cocktail are served with our own cold pressed juices.

With consideration to intellectual property, House of Juice mixes proprietary juice and smoothie recipes with our own branded names. All recipes and trademark names are the intellectual property of House of Juice. All Rights Reserved.

  • Only in the case of our “White Label” Mocktail, Cocktail or Smoothie bar packages, would drink naming be allowed so long as the newly crafted drinks and their respective name list the ingredients of the drink as the branded name of our juice or probiotic sodas and not the juice’s component ingredients.
  • Example:
    • Any Name Drink: Purple HeartTM, Brooklyn Gin, lime, soda
    • Any Name Drink: House of Juice PunchTM, rum, bitters
    • Any Name Drink: Green AleTM, kombucha, apple

House of Juice Reserves the right to film, photograph and record for advertising and promotional purposes any and all activity related to its catering services before, during and after an event. Instances where such recording or publishing is not desired, business NDA requirements must be stated during initial consultation before quote/contract has been finalized.

House of Juice services New York State, New York City, Connecticut and Long Island regularly. We are happy to serve you anywhere in the world including but not limited to all 50 States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. For Service outside of the northeast region of America, travel arrangements must be part of your general budget. We require appropriate kitchen space and 24 hour prep time before event. We handle all travel and rental arrangements.

  • *Fees for tastings or site visits are non-refundable and may be credited toward your invoice in booked within 7 days of consultation. If no booking is made fees cover administrative and product expenses.
  • ** Note 2017 season has been harsh on organic produce with slow start this spring and other weather factors. We remain committed to crafting healthful, delicious menus with the same quality as our classics to meet your needs.