House of Juice Bar
Festival event pop-ups that are non-alcoholic with a traditional bar flair. Bar menus include natural probiotic juices, jun kombucha, smoothies boosted with superfoods and wellness shots. We also make hard cider and craft beer.
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Ultra Luxury

Health Infused Bars

Luxurious Full Service


Brand Activations – Upper Management – Concerts – Lounge Immersive Experiences – Corporate Sponsored Bars
Ultra luxury bars offer your guests attention to detail, craftsmanship and one on one engagement.
  • Juices

    • Purple Heart
    • House of Juice Punch
    • Sweet Greens
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  • Smoothies

    • Cacaogasm
    • Rennetgo
    • Tully’s Garden
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  • Mocktails

    • Brooklyn Jun Brew
    • Honey Ginger Beer
    • Kali Kombucha
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  • Cocktails

    • Cherry Old Fashion
    • Purple Dank
    • Sorrel Rum Punch
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Nationwide ultra lux services, giving attention to detail, providing a healthy to concerts, festivals and galas.