House of Juice, an organic and local farm sourcing juicery serving tri-state area event coordinators. We offer “Juice Bar” services such as full service onsite catering, event pop-ups and bulk juice orders for meetings and social engagements.

Our juice bar breakfast catering, cocktail bar event services, press conference, product launch and staff appreciation events are among the most popular event type we cater to.

Scroll down to learn about our package options that will meet your event needs. If what you are looking for is not listed, contact us here to request a large scale catering tailored to your juice bar event needs.


We’ve served Tumblr, Apple, Snapchat, Square, BigSpaceship, H2 Capital, The Bromley Group, Buick, North Face and more.

Events vary from size to theme, service style to drop off. One thing remains consistent, all our clients are seeking a healthy, enriching experience that energizes and fuels their guests to be more engaged and more vibrant. Attendees come to think positively  about their health from our colorful, fun and delicious experience.

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Organic cold pressed juice, superfood real fresh fruit smoothies, plant based  dishes. All we offer to drink, eat and be merry are whole foods sourced from local and organic farms.

You can have you cake and eat it too, we believe with the right ingredients. Every one of our events proves this time again when office staff members leave their desks to sip on our energizing smoothies made fresh on site and their moods brighten. Or when event attendees start off apprehensive toward juice but by the close of the night,their offering up mixtures of mocktails to other guests.

Fun social engagement, whole food nourishment, great experiences!


We offer fully customizable catering services for unique luxury corporate and private luxury events. Catering packages are full service complete with uniformed staff, mixologists, menus and glassware. Furniture and decor options available.

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Our Catering & Events Specialist will get back to you promptly. Please know the budget you’d like to work with as we cater onsite full service packages to meet you unique event needs.

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