Activation Offerings
Healthy bar menu with an accompanying meditation lounge. Available to corporate clients, festivals, event marketers and special project managers.
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Activation Offerings


Service Styles

Choose the level of service you require.

Made to Order

Full Service Bar

Pop Up bar with full length event coverage.

  • All supplies needed will be provided.
  • Event bartenders & servers will be present and in branded business attire during the entire length of the event.
  • Select the number of portions desired which will allow guests to enjoy a variety of the menu recipes.
  • Select event timeframe for on-site staff.
  • All menu signage will be provided.

Drinks Made On Site

A mobile bar, perfect for a fresh made menu and taking custom orders from guests. You only need to book us. We take care of the rest.

What’s Included?

  • Portion counts of 500 and greater
  • Full service staff and concierge
  • Rustic or elegant glassware.
  • For as long as your event is taking place, Mixologists will be onsite mixing and serving.
  • Clean up of the bar area.
  • All setup, rental and supply needs.

Elegant Display

Concierge Consultation and Tailored Event Planning

An offering for more intimate events with less than 100 guests.

  • Personalized event planning with an initial consultation to craft a bespoke beverage menu and event setup.
  • The consultation fee will be credited towards the total event package.

What’s Included?

  • Concierge tailored service plan
  • Recipe tags
  • Cold holding supplies
  • Self managed by host

Guest Experience

House of Juice Event Bar Setup

Guests have a healthy option to indulge in during your meeting presentation. With many considering dietary needs, chemical sodas are no longer the drinks of choice. Busy city dwellers and office workers want made from scratch 100% fruit or vegetable beverages naturally rich in vitamins and minerals. Guests love grabbing right out the office fridge for an afternoon boost or with breakfast.

Guests get to engage with our highly skilled juice mixologists. Frequenting the bar area guilt free for organic concoctions of healthy mocktails, superfood smoothies and locally brewed kombucha mocktinis and cocktail ciders.

A welcomed break from mundane tasks in the office. A conversation piece during a brand launch. The vibrants sounds of blenders running and glasses clanging invites a wave of excitement and curiosity in the midst of any event. Curiosity for something new, health and surprisingly tasty raises morale and gets conversations started. Guests engage each other and interact with with our expert staff.