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Complete form below to provide our event planners with all the information needed to provide you with a complete quote.
If you are shopping around the standard rates will be provided to you at the end of the form to give you a ball park of what to expect.

Due to high demand there can be delays in response time. Please be sure your event is at least 21 days away to ensure enough time for communications.

House of Juice believes in Local Fair Trade Practices. We source ingredients from local farmers and pay our staff fair wages. We do not entertain requests for free labor, free products or discounted services that ultimately lead to our staff members, servers, bartenders, juicers and farmers not earning enough to care for their lives and families.

Why Fair Trade? Why Does Fair Trade Matter?

Book a Consultation, Full Service Event or Self Serve Delivery.

*Before placing an online order please ensure that your event date is no less than 21 days from booking date. If you need rushed services for an event less than 21 days away, please click here to complete a fast response booking form to hear back from our agents. If your event is less than 21 days out and you are not ready to book we can not promise a return call.

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